Owning a home is a substantial investment of both time and money. Protecting your investment with proper care and maintenance is crucial to reaping all of the rewards of increased equity and comfortable living.  Here are a few tips to keep your investment strong!



  • Replace air conditioning filters.  If you have an "air exchanger" remember these filters need to be cleaned or replaced as well.
  • Run water through all the fixtures that are not used in a regular basis.
  • Inspect, clean or replace kitchen vent hood filters (non charcoal filters).



  • Check your GCFI's (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) for proper operation by tripping the 'test' button on the outlet and then resetting them.  If they don't trip or reset, contact a qualified electrician for information on what to do.
  • Check the exterior drainage all around the outside of your house to make sure that nothing is causing water to stand or pool more than 24 hrs.  Also be sure there are no areas sloping towards the foundation that could create water infiltration.
  • Inspect and clean all of the exterior vents, including dryer and exhaust vents.  Ensure that that open and close freely and lubricate if needed.  This will keep small animals out too!



  • Have your heating and air conditioning system served every six months, depending onthe season.
  • Inspect and adjust your irrigation system, checking for proper timing, broken sprinkler heads and adjust as necessary depending on the season and local ordinances. 
  • Clean and repairs the gutters.  Insure that the downspouts have proper water defectors that will direct water away from the foundation.  



  • Replace smoke alarm batteries.  With longer battery life and more efficient detectors, some batteries will only need to be replaced once a year.  A good "rule of thumb" is to replace your smoke detector batteries during daylight savings...an easy way to remember when there were changed AND when they need to be!
  • Clean your faucet aerators and check all of your plumbing fixtures for leaks.  A simple drip could cause havoc if left unchecked for too long!  Mold, silt and debris filtered from even the public water system could cause health risks and poor water pressure over time. 
  • Inspect and test your hot water safety valve.  
  • Drain and refill your hot water tank.  More frequently in areas that have especially hard water.
  • Inspect your home fire extinguishers.  Replace have tested any that are questionable. There may not be time to make 'adjustments' when you need them most!
  • Service your yard equipment (lawnmowers, trimmers, blowers). 
  • Inspect your garage door operation, locks and hinges.  lubricate with lithium grease as needed.  Check the safety reverse mechanism, and it may be a great time to change that garage door code!