Sandi and I just graduated from the Cape Coral Citizens Academy!  What an INCREDIBLE opportunity to learn about the city of Cape Coral and all that goes into making the city operate on a daily basis.  During our 13 week session, we learned in depth about the city's Police and Fire Departments, Public Works, Planning & Engineering, Code Enforcement, Finance, Budgeting, Legal, Human resources, school departments, the charter schools, and even the water and sewer treatment facilities.  We wrapped up our educational journey with a "mock" City Council meeting and development proposal.  




I was AMAZED by the positive energy and dedication that each city employee demonstrated as they shared insights into their "world" with us.  This city has some very dedicated individuals who quite obviously LOVE what they do....and it shows.  The city is blessed to have some of the top talent in the country working here.

This FREE program has been in place for over 8 years now and is facilitated by some wonderful volunteers. The program is overseen by Terri Hall and facilitated by Cape Coral volunteer Joyce Easton.  Joyce has invested countless hours into this program.  I can not thank her enough for making this information and experience available to the citizens of the city.  If you live or work within the City of Cape Coral, I would HIGHLY recommend attending this program.   For more information, Contact Terri Hall or Joyce Easton at or call 239-574-0446  

 Citizens Academy