Fort Myers, Florida

Known as the "City of Palms," Fort Myers is one of Florida's most popular destinations. Whether it's tourists looking at the former homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford or families putting down roots in the city, there's no doubt Fort Myers is indeed special. The gateway to Southwest Florida, it serves as the springboard for those who love the many special aspects of the Sunshine State.

With a population exceeding 63,000 residents, Fort Myers has seen its population grow by nearly 30 percent over the past decade. Attributed to an influx of young families, urban professionals, and retirees who love the area for its beauty and easy access to other nearby cities, the area is well-suited to be a city that appeals to many people. Along with the beautiful scenery, Fort Myers has a reputation for having excellent schools on all levels. From elementary school to the many colleges available to those pursuing higher education, the city's schools are ranked as some of the nation's best. In fact, Dunbar High School has a nationally-recognized science program, while Fort Myers High School is also known for its many excellent academic programs in science and math.

With many families moving to Fort Myers due to its excellent schools, the local real estate market has gotten quite strong in the past several years. A variety of single-family homes are available, with many located in new subdivisions. Complete with parks and other areas for families to enjoy, the city has established itself as an area with very affordable housing and safe, quiet neighborhoods. Along with families, retirees are also finding Fort Myers to be the perfect place to call home, with many buying townhouses and condominiums that are also very affordable.

A community that prides itself on offering residents a variety of activities, Fort Myers has many points of interest. From the Imaginarium Science Center to the city's public library to the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium, the city has made it its mission to not only provide great housing and schools, but also plenty of activities to please residents of all ages.

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